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Friday, March 20, 2009 @ 8:23 AM

mid tests are coming on monday ;-; science on monday ):
sorry haven't update for weeks.
had been to busy with lj. i kinda like lj better, but don't really understand css O-o
it's more private <3 
check it out if want :

too lazy to make a link
friends only though o: and lj users only.
i don't think i'll be on from tomorrow till next saturday ;-;
well i might post something o; but still not sure.

today is one of my best friend's birthday :)
and check out her new blog :

god she has been changing links for too many times >->
blackbloodedstare, ohthelove, velvetrush, caterzxz, redcarpetsuicide, and still lots more 

so, my eye bintitan lagee. sakitnya minta ampun
sampe migran dan panas badannya.
damnit resek banget. 
and i started playing pet society again. 
i'm so bored with my layout. gonna change it now. 
bye :)
Thursday, February 19, 2009 @ 6:38 PM

sorry haven't post anything for a week !
i made a livejournal though (: -taniaar.livejournal.com-
but you have to be friends. that means you have to have a lj account.
am now posting this from school, dudes 8D
computer class >->
we have to make an animation with macromedia flash.
it's confusing O: but i managed to do it XDD

wow haven't made any graphics for weeekkks too O_o
gonna make one later at home ;P
oh ! and we're going to make a v.2 for xdecorated-emergency (:
i'll tell you here when it's done ! ;D
it's gonna be a w e s o m e.

oh my friends entered a dance competition yesterday at tarlim cup :)
they rock <3
the costumes are awesome as well. it's circus-ish xD
my friend maudy danced too <3 she rocks too ;P

i gotta gooo. lunch break :9
Tuesday, February 10, 2009 @ 2:31 AM
day two.

i forgot too post yesterday D: i was too busy uploading the pictures of db cup
if you want to check it out click here -> donboscocup

today turned out well, but it rained abit.
our girl's futsal team won :D
eventhough i didn't get the chance to play :( probably tomorrow ?

anyway i'm gonna post some of the pictures to shootsnapshutter and dbcup now.
Sunday, February 8, 2009 @ 2:59 AM
don bosco cup tomorrooww (:.

woohoo don bosco cup tomorroww ! 8D

i saw 3 don bosco cup posters on my way home from grand indo

can't wait to take pictures XD
and i oh so wanna play futsal futsal futsal 8D
eventhough i know i won't play that much cause i suck :P

oh and i made icons. check em out, maybe ?
and i think imma post a picture in shootsnapshutter. ain't so good D:
Friday, February 6, 2009 @ 10:00 AM
pan kun and james.

my sister told me about this video about a genius chimpanzee and a bulldog.
so so so so so cute & funny. have to watch :D
i'll post the one where they have to sit up 8D
James is so cute <3 style="font-weight: bold;">DON BOSCO CUP IN 2 DAY ! :D yippeee i can't wait to take pictures

and now i'm starting to play harvest moon ds cute, the girl version :)
it's interesting because you can change the wallpaper, flooring, and clothes.
but the bachelors aren't that interesting. i prefer Rock but it says he's arrogant and 'playboy' XDD and all the other dudes are weird and u g l y XDD
then i found out there's this special bachelor called Skye. It says he's a ladies man and stuff, and he says very sweet stuff :) but he only comes out at night at 10 pm and only sunny days.
So it's kinda hard to get him and he kinda looks like a girl XDD. mygod i'm so sleepy.

pankun made ramen :

pankun & james sit up:
Wednesday, February 4, 2009 @ 8:01 AM
quotes <3.

Bungack says: (10:57:05 PM)
viva la cobra or folie a deux
taniar ; when darkness turns to light says: (10:58:01 PM)
apanya ?
Bungack says: (10:58:39 PM)
harus pilih
taniar ; when darkness turns to light says: (10:58:52 PM)
folie a deux ! :D
Bungack says: (10:59:36 PM)
tp dinda udh punya jadi bisa pinjem
taniar ; when darkness turns to light says: (10:59:51 PM)
yaudah -_- lavidacobra
taniar ; when darkness turns to light says: (10:59:55 PM)
eh kok
taniar ; when darkness turns to light says: (10:59:57 PM)
Bungack says: (11:00:01 PM)
taniar ; when darkness turns to light says: (11:00:03 PM)
Bungack says: (11:00:05 PM)
taniar ; when darkness turns to light says: (11:00:06 PM)
Bungack says: (11:00:08 PM)
taniar ; when darkness turns to light says: (11:00:22 PM)
@ 7:29 AM
shoot snap shutter.

i just opened my photoblog.
i made it like more than a week from now, but haven't got any pics to post.
if you're interested here's the link

shoot snap shutter

today, nothing interesting happened.
my stomach hurts sooo bad. could it be ? nah
it hurts so bad D:. but when i ate a smoke beef with cheese crepes, the pain stopped 8D
haha yay i guess my stomach was crying for food.ohwell